PEC Accrediation

SCET is Accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Government of Pakistan.

In 1976, the Government of Pakistan had constituted the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), a statutory body to regulate the engineering profession in the country. According to PEC Act 1976, the Council was assigned the functions of maintaining a register of persons qualified to practice as professional engineers and consulting engineers and recognition of their qualifications. Evidently, the purpose of recognition of engineering qualifications is to oversee the growth and quality of technical education in the country. In the past, evaluation of an engineering program was carried out through the inspectors of examinations. However, over a period of time the process of accreditation was developed in line with other developed countries. Accordingly, a PEC Engineering Accreditation and Qualification Equivalence Committee (EA&QEC) has been formed which carries out assessment of various engineering programs through a systematic and well documented process. The committee works in harmony with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. The EA&QEC assesses the quality of engineering educational institutions by evaluating various constituent elements such as academic ambience, infrastructure, financial resources, physical resources, human resources, supporting systems like library resources, computational resources and avenues to mould and develop the students’ personality and learning characteristics.